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Your business and personal brand are multi-faceted. You’re not easily defined. You offer a lot, not just what’s on the surface.. So do we!  That’s why we’ve leveraged decades of experience in award-winning journalism, technical and engineering project management, in developing impeccable whitepapers, newsletters, press releases and ad copy. We build content management, custom databases and optimize our impressive network of regional and national media to promote not only your message, but its messenger. We’re based in Portland, Maine but we’ve built an impressive resume, if we do say so ourselves. From New York to New Delhi, Louisisana to Laos, and from Commercial Street, Portland to Wall Street, New York.

We also provide small business solutions for point-of-sale needs, data privacy and security and information technology solutions. Like your business, our experience didn’t happen overnight. We’re not only good at what we do, we absolutely love it! We know you will too!

We’re small, agile, and most importantly, tightly focused on our clients and the outcomes that will ensure their success. Timelines and delivery expectations still matter to us.

Our reputation ultimately rests on your success.

Social Media & Web Content

One of our principals is a former, award-winning journalist and former copywriter, and that makes us one of the best content and social media strategists in the region.

From daily monitoring, updating and analytical tracking of your social media sites to custom content for your web presence, newsletters or print materials, this is a passion point for us.  It’s more work, but a lot less expensive than you think it is.

Can’t keep up with your social media postings? Let’s talk!

Project Management

A certified project management professional for over a decade, J. Norris has lead complex project lifecycles from Cambodia to Wall Street, from small corporate server and desktop rollout processes to multimillion dollar infrastructure initiatives. Portfolio project management, governance of your project offices, PMOs, creating specialized artifacts to compliment the lifecycle management process to resourcing project management specialists for small business, we’ve seen and done almost all of it; and where we haven’t, we can source someone who has and who fits the specifics your project requirements call for.

Content Management / XML

Our team is small but agile, with global experience, and success in each of our practices. Nowhere is that more true that our Content Management & XML specialty. We bring your content management processes to the next level. Our services include content analysis, content conversion for print and web, schema development and structured authoring. Specialists in the complexities of content management and XML are hard to come by, and we’ve got them!

Compliance & Data Privacy

Chances are, your small business engages in the collecting, analyzing and/or sharing of personal data. From bank card processing to regulation requirements, chances are you have data more valuable to criminals that you may realize, and it isn’t always obvious. Now, more than ever cybercriminals are targeting small to medium business to detect weakness in practices and protocols. We can help, and we do it with years of experience outdating the recent spike in cybercrime. We believe privacy is a brand and reputational issue, and you need to protect your brand and your reputation. If you’re not prepared for the growing number national and global data privacy laws and the basic needs of protecting your business from hacks, even more, can be at stake.

We can help your business establish policies and process that protect not only your organization but the customers and clients who trust in you.

Point of Sale

One of our specialities, (and passions) is helping small business make the right choices in the products and services it trusts toward the success of the business. We not only advise and implement your point of sale, we research, interview and check the providers you’ll entrust at the most critical stage of the business transaction. We do it affordably, efficiently and with an emphasis on a trustworthy outcome, time and cost.

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